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"The best book I have ever read. It's like Harry Potter from the Keys."

Mary Kate - 14 Year Old 8th Grader
- Delray Beach, Florida

"Key Biscayne, an island sitting off the coast of South Florida ― it is here that young Mike Connelly realizes there is a mysterious connection between him and the dolphins. His feelings grow stronger until one day, quite by accident, Mike discovers that he possesses a magical talent: he can communicate with dolphins.

The dolphins and Mike become the best of friends, and their relationship plunges all of them into many adventures ― some joyous and some frightening.

After a disastrous trip to the Bahamas, Mike learns a fantastic secret that, if revealed, would change the course of world history. The dolphins, and their ancestors, have protected their secret for centuries, and now Mike faces the monumental challenge of keeping his vow of silence."